Today, we are sharing a recipe for easy to make bread rolls with you. The nice thing about these rolls is that they don’t need to be shaped. You just need to cut the dough into pieces.

Nowadays our schedules are very tight and everyone is trying to handle their high workloads. Sometimes, there is just not much time left to be spent in the kitchen with cooking or baking. One more reason for us is to also share some quick and easy recipes. This will allow you to bake your own bread rolls even with a full schedule.

Things to know before you start

Time Schedule

Steps Work time Waiting time
Autolyse ~5 minutes 12-16 hours
Mix ~15 minutes 10 minutes
Bulk Fermentation ~5 minutes 12 hours
Shape ~10 minutes
Score ~5 minutes
Bake ~5 minutes 20 minutes
Cool 10-15 minutes

These easy to make bread rolls can already be eaten after 21 to 25 hours.

Total ingredients

Weight Ingredient
475 g All-purpose flour
25 g Pumpernickel flour
10 g Salt
3,6 g Yeast – Fresh
10 g Butter
185 g Milk – 3,5% Fat
125 g Water

You will have a dough of about 833,6 g in total suitable for 8 bread rolls.

If you want, you can easily double (like we did it) or triple the amount of ingredients to make more bread rolls in one go.


An easy and simple recipe for great bread rolls.

Baking tools

Nothing special is needed, but a rectangular non-reactive container can come in handy for the bulk fermentation phase. Besides that you can have a look in our should have baking tools overview for some baking helpers.


1. Autolyse

Weight Ingredient
100 g Water – Cold
0,1 g Yeast – Fresh
100 g All-purpose flour
25 g Pumpernickel flour
  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly together
  • I used water straight from the tap
  • Store sealed for 12 to 16 hours at 20-22°C (68-71,6°F)

2. Mix

Weight Ingredient
10 g Salt
3,5 g Yeast – Fresh
185 g Milk – 3,5% Fat (Cold)
  • Mix salt and crumbled yeast with milk straight from the fridge in a separate bowl to dissolve
Weight Ingredient
375 g All-purpose flour
Dissolved salt, yeast and milk mixture
10 g Butter
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients except the butter together in a stand mixer for 5 minutes on speed level one and 4 minutes on speed level two
  • Add the butter after 5 minutes of mixing
  • The dough should be elastic and smooth

3. Bulk Fermentation

  • Put the dough in a rectangular non-reactive container (other non-reactive containers are also fine)
  • Store sealed in the fridge at 4-6°C (39,2-42,8°F) for 12 hours
  • Our dough after 12 hours in the fridge (already pressed it a bit down)

Easy To Make Bread Rolls Dough After Bulk Fermentation

4. Shape

  • Place the dough on a floured surface
  • Gently press it a bit down and try to get it into a rectangular shape
  • Divide into 8 even pieces

5. Score

  • Cover a pizza peel with parchment paper
  • Gently place your 8 dough pieces onto it
  • With a bread lame make one diagonal cut (about 2 cm deep) on top of the dough

Easy To Make Bread Rolls After Scoring

6. Bake

  • Preheat oven to 230°C (446°F) for ~35 minutes with the upper and lower heat function
  • Put the rolls in the oven, create steam and bake for 20 minutes
  • After 10 minutes lower the temperature to 220°C (428°F)
  • Don’t let the steam out during the whole baking time
  • After baking take your bread rolls out immediately

Easy To Make Bread Rolls In The Oven After Baking

7. Cool

  • Let your bread rolls cool for 10 to 15 minutes on some kind of grid



These bread rolls have a firm crust but are not too crunchy.


The mild crumb has very fine and even pores.


Even though these bread rolls have a normal size, they are very filling. Their taste is nicely mild and reminds of pretzels.

Goes good with

Due to their mild taste, they can be combined with nearly everything – whether it is with sweet or hearty things.


This recipe was inspired by Frühstückssemmeln.