All over the world, there are different flours made out of different crops. Based on the milling, flour out of the same crops is segmented into different types.

In short, pretty much every country in the world has a different naming convention for types of flour.

However, in order for you to get the right type of flour in your country, we created the following table with the most common used types of flour so you can always pick the right one for each recipe.

As a base all our recipes are going to use the US naming.

Types of Flour



Soft / PatentWeizen 405W480 / GlattSpezial00450.4%8-10%


Plain / WhiteWeizen 550W480 / Griffig / DoppelgriffigWeiß0550.5-0.58%9-11%

High-gluten / Bread

Hard / LightbrownWeizen 812W700Halbweiß1800.64-0.89%11-14%

First clear

Very hard / BrownWeizen 1050W1600Ruch21101.05%13-15%

Whole wheat

WholemealWeizenvollkorn 1600W1800VollkornIntegrale1501.6%~13%

Wheat meal

WeizenschrotWeizenschrotFarina di granoFarine de blé1.7%~14%

White rye

Roggen 815720Segale a luce bianca700.815%

Light rye

Roggen 997R9600850.997-1.09%~8%


RyeRoggen 1150110011301.15%

Medium rye

Roggen 1370130 / 1701.37%

Dark rye

Roggen 1740R25001701.74%



Cracked rye

RoggenschrotSegale incrinata

White spelt

Dinkel 630D700WeißBianca<0.7%6-11%
Dinkel 8120.71%-0.9%
Dinkel 1050D1500Ruch0.91%-1.20%

Whole spelt

Wholegrain SpeltDinkelvollkornVollkornIntegrale0.55%6-9%

Spelled meal


Soft wheat semolina


Hard wheat semolina


Types of Flour – Further Countrys

Pastry4545Zeeuwse BloemTortowaHladká mouka výběrová 000000Hakurikiko – 薄力粉DiJinMianFen – 低筋麵粉
All-purpose5555PatentbloemLuksusowaHladká mouka000Churikiko – 中力粉ZhongJinMianFen – 中筋麵粉
High Gluten / Bread8080TarwebloemChlebowaPolohrubá mouka00Kyorikiko – 強力粉GaoJinMianFen – 高筋麵粉
First Clear110110Gebuilde BloemSitkowaHrubá mouka0Kyorikimatsufun – 強力末粉TeGaoJinMianFen – 特高筋麵粉
Whole Wheat150150VolkornmeelRazowa / GrahamCelozrnná mouka1/2Zenryufun – 全粒粉

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