There are some basic terms and usages on Delight Baking that are applicable for all recipes. A good example for that is the used oven function or baking with steam.

Explaining all these terms and usages every time again in every recipe would be an overkill. Also we could sometimes forget to mention it as we already take for granted. Therefore we created this list to help you out.

To cut it short, the following basics apply to all recipes if not mentioned otherwise.

Create Steam

Steam is created by pouring a good amount of hot water in an iron skillet filled with lava stones.
More information on how we are doing it can be found here.

Dough Is Mixed With A Stand Mixer

Most of the time a stand mixer is used, especially for bread and rolls dough, for mixing as it is a huge time and workload saver. Furthermore it mixes the dough better and more consistent than you could with your own hands.

Metric Instead Of Imperial System

The metric system is used instead of the imperial system because it is more accurate (especially for low quantities).

Order Of Ingredients

The order of ingredients in the table equals the order of adding them for mixing.

Oven Function

The “upper and lower heat” function is used. Some people know it by the term “conventional oven”.

Room Temperature

Room temperature equals 20-22°C (68 to 71,6°F).


Scoring is done right before the baking good is going into the oven.

Timespan For Dissolving Ingredients

Dissolving of ingredients takes about 10 minutes.

Usage Of Sourdough Starter

The used starter is directly taken out of the fridge without any prior feeding.

Using A Grid For Cooling

By using a grid for cooling you make sure that the bottom of the bread won’t get damp and it cools off faster.