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welcome to Delight Baking!
This page is all about baking: bread, rolls, cakes and more – there are no limits and we love to try new things.
We will share all the recipes we tried out with you on this page including some useful tips and, of course, all you need to start baking your own bread.
Baking is fun and it tastes even better when you do it yourself.
Let´s enjoy good, self-baked goods!

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About Us

The Delight Baking – Team consists of 3 members:

  • My husband, who discovered his love for baking and who will be the one trying out recipes and developing his own
  • Our best friend, who loves photography is the one taking all the pictures and videos you will see on this page
  • Myself, who is the one responsible for all the texting and social media accounts

To summarize, all the content on this page is created by us. In case we share external content we will mark it as such.

Delight Baking unites all of our hobbies and we are proud to share the outcome with you.
We are no professionals but wanted to combine our hobbies to create something new: this page.
It shall serve as a place to encourage people to start baking their own bread.
With our recipes, guides and tips all around baking your start shall be easier.
We want to share our experience with you no matter if the outcome is good or bad. We are here to learn from mistakes and do it better next time.
Whether you just want to start baking and don´t know where to start or you are already a bit more experienced and are looking for new ideas – we are here for everyone.

This is more than just a collection of recipes and we would love to see a community growing out of this. You are welcome to be a part of it – let´s bake!