In order to be prepared to bake properly you will need to have the right baking tools. Nearly all types of baking tools you see on this page are tested and used by us and therefore we can honestly recommend them. We categorised them in the following three categories:
Some of the recommended baking tools from us aren’t available in every Amazon online store as there are different ones for each country. They often don’t have the exact same product and vary in price. Therefore we try our best to pick similiar products based on the different Amazon online stores for each country.

Must Have

Baking tools that you must have. Without these you won’t be able to bake the simplest recipes.


Every recipe on Delight Baking is measured in grams. Keeping the exact measures with a scale is one of the most important tings for good and consistent baking results.

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is the best and safest option to slide dough into the oven.


At least one big and one smaller bowl should be part of your baking tools to knead and mix the dough. This set has handy lids so no extra towels are needed for covering the dough for proofing.

Baking Grill

Standard baking grill to put a baking stone or loaf pan on.

Baking Plate

As long as you don’t have a baking stone, a baking plate is needed (the thicker, the better) in order to be able to bake bread or rolls at all.

Should Have

Baking tools that make your baking more efficient and consistent. These tools will lead to better baking results, the process during baking is more convenient, time saving and labour-saving. The best example is using a kneading machine for mixing the dough instead of kneading it by hand. Most of the time a kneading machine will mix your dough better than you as it is more consistent. During the mixing of 15-20 minutes you will be able to prepare other stuff, clean up etc.

Stand Mixer

Probably the biggest time and workload saver. Most of the time a stand mixer will mix the dough better and more consistent than you could with your own hands while you have time doing other stuff.

Bench Knife

Using a bench knife makes cutting, shaping and moving dough around more comfortable.

Baking Stone

Baking stones save heat way better than baking plates. The first minutes during baking are the most important ones. The high heat emits better into the dough which leads to faster and higher rising bread.

Precision Scale

For some recipes ingredients with only 0,1g are needed. Standard scales can’t measure such low weights and that is why a precision scale is needed.

Weck Jar 850 ml

The 850 ml weck jars are my personal favourite for mixing sourdough starter. Non-reactive, nice form, enough space allow to see through as they are transparent to watch how the sourdough starter develops.

Banneton Proofing Basket Oval

A banneton proofing basket is used for the final proof of the dough. It gives the dough a shape and makes sure that it stays in that shape. In this case an oval shape.

Bakers Couche

A bakers couche is used to proof rolls, baguettes and some breads. They keep the form and protect the dough from drying out.

Silicone Dough Scraper

Getting dough out of a bowl can be pretty tough, especially with sticky dough. A silicone dough scraper will make this way easier.

Lava Rocks

Used for steaming during the baking process. Placed in a cast iron container while preheating the oven they gather a lot of heat. Spraying hot water on them afterwards leads to a lot of instant steam.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Bread can also be perfectly baked in a cast iron dutch oven. Some breads are also designed to be baked in them. Also the lid of the dutch oven can be used for steaming purposes while baking bread on a baking stone.

Weck Jar 1000 ml

Same benefits as the 850 ml weck jars but a bit bigger if more sourdough starter is needed or for mixing levain.

Banneton Proofing Basket Oval Big

Same as the standard banneton proofing basket in oval form but bigger for breads of about 1500 g.

Bread Lame

A sharp knife is good to score dough but a bread lame is better. It is sharper and has a slight oval form which leads to better cuts.

Silicone Spatula

Silicone spatulas are super handy for mixing sourdough starters. They perfectly fit in weck jars, are easy to clean and dough doesn’t stick to them very much.

Loaf Pan

Some recipes will demand for a loaf pan. For example without a loaf pan you won’t be able to bake toast. This one here is deeper than standard ones and the width can be extended.

Oven Thermometer

Ever wondered why the listed temperature in some recipes is not working for you? That is because most temperature indicators on ovens are inaccurate of up to 20°C (68°F). An extra oven thermometer will show you the real temperature.

Instant Read Thermometer

Dough temperature is one of the most important factors for good baking results. An instant read thermometer will show the exact temperature in a few seconds.

Banneton Proofing Basket Round

Another banneton proofing basket but for round shaped breads.

Nice To Have

Baking tools that just make your life a bit easier.

Flour Sifter

A flour sifter makes it easier to dose flour on a surface, dough or in proofing baskets.

Baking Board

One of the biggest baking boards you can get. Helps to keep the rest of the kitchen clean as most work can be done on it.

Bread Knife

Good sharp bread knife with an extra long 25cm blade.

Flour Brush

Flour brush that helps cleaning after baking.

Rolling Pin

Standard rolling pin for rolling out dough.