After the classic cheesecake we already shared with you, we would now like to share our recipe for the perfect New York cheesecake with you.

You may wonder why we call it the perfect New York cheesecake but it’s true: even people that normally don’t like cheesecake very much, are in love with this one. And that’s a huge compliment to the cake.

This is one of our all time favourites and a constant companion for special occasions such as birthday parties or Mother’s day. Be aware that when you start baking this cake, you will most likely need to continue doing so 😉

Same as for the classic cheesecake, we recommend to bake it one day before you plan to eat it. The flavours are so much stronger and the cheesecake mixture is more firm.

Things to know before you start

Time Schedule

StepsWork timeWaiting time
Crumble cookies~10 minutes
Mix – Crust~10 minutes
Coat springform pan~15 minutes15 minutes
Mix – Filling~15 minutes15 minutes
Bake45 minutes
Cool8-24 hours

In under 10 hours you will be able to already taste this perfect New York cheesecake but like with most other cheesecakes you should let it cool in the fridge overnight, before you start eating it.

Total ingredients

140 gAll-purpose flour
240 gWhite sugar
100 gPowdered sugar
200 gButter
3 packages (~24 g)Vanilla sugar
900 gDouble cream cheese
300 gSour cream
200 gWhole wheat cookies
1xLemon (untreated)

With all of these ingredients you will have a big New York cheesecake of about 2350 g.


Simple to bake but you need to be patient during the cooling phase for a perfect result.

Baking tools

In order to get the best size for this cheesecake you will need a 30 cm springform pan. Besides that a simple hand mixer, two bowls and optionally a rolling pin (best way to crumble the whole wheat cookies).


1. Crumble Cookies

200 gWhole wheat cookies
  • Take the whole wheat cookies and crumble them
  • The more they are like powder at the end, the better
  • Best way we know to do that is the following:
  1. Take a sturdy bag, for example an airtight bag
  2. Fill it with the cookies
  3. Place the bag on the counter
  4. Use a rolling pin and move it back and forth until all cookies are crumbled

2. Mix – Crust

200 gCrumbled whole wheat cookies
140 gAll-purpose flour
100 gPowdered sugar
200 gButter
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients together with a hand mixer using dough hooks until you get nice lumps
  • Tip: If you take your butter directly out of the fridge, you can cut the butter in smaller chunks into a bowl and melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds to soften it

3. Coat Springform Pan

  • Grease a 30 cm springform pan with butter on bottom and all sides
  • Press the previously created dough into the bottom and up the sides of the springform pan very tightly
  • The dough should be about 3 cm high on the sides
  • After you are finished, place the springform pan into the refrigerator while you go on with mixing the filling (should take about 15 minutes)
  • Tip: A measuring cup can come in handy for pressing the dough down

4. Mix – Filling

240 gWhite sugar
3 packages (~24 g)Vanilla sugar
1xLemon (untreated)
900 gDouble cream cheese
300 gSour cream
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients together with a hand mixer
  • Start with the sugar and eggs until creamy
  • Rinse the lemon under hot water and dry it off, then grate the zest, squeeze out the juice and add all of it to the mixture (about 45 ml)
  • Add the double cream cheese and sour cream and go on with the mixing but on lower speed
  • You want to have a homogenous mass so don’t mix too long
  • Take the springform pan out of the refrigerator and let the dough come to room temperature for about 15 minutes
  • As the last step, pour the whole mixture into the coated springform pan

5. Bake

  • Put a bowl with about 500 g water on the bottom of the oven and a baking grill in the middle

  • Preheat it to 150°C (302°F), but this time using the circulating heat function
  • Add the cheesecake and bake for 45 minutes
  • After 45 minutes of baking turn the oven off and slightlty open the oven door

6. Cool

  • For a good result you want to cool down the cheesecake very slowly
  • As mentioned before start the cooling down process by slightly opening the oven door for 60 minutes
  • Afterwards place the cake on the counter for further cooling of 3 hours
  • As the last step, put it in the fridge and let it chill for at least 4 hours
  • I know it is hard but to achieve the perfect result for this New York cheesecake you should let it chill overnight



The base of this cake is made of crumbled whole wheat cookies combined with melted butter so they caramelize nicely when being baked.

On the contrary, the cheesecake filling is soft, creamy and firm at the same time. It just melts in your mouth but you still have something to chew due to the crunchy base.

Also, this is a great cake for the summer time because you keep it in the fridge so it is very refreshing.


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