No matter if you are looking for a recipe for you next coffee or birthday party, cheesecake is an all-time favourite.
You can’t make a mistake with this classic cheesecake and it’s tender texture.

We recommend to bake it one day before you would like to eat it. Of course it is not easy to stay away from it when it’s in your fridge but it is definitely worth it! It tastes a hundred times better the next day.

Things to know before you start

Time Schedule

Steps Work time Waiting time
Mix – Crust ~10 minutes
Coat springform pan ~10 minutes
Mix – Filling ~20 minutes
Bake 60 minutes
Cool 6-24 hours

In under 8 hours you will be already able to eat this classic cheesecake but it tastes best if you let it cool in the fridge overnight and then take your first bite.

Total ingredients

Weight Ingredient
200 g All-purpose flour
250 g White sugar
200 g Butter
4x Eggs
1/2 packages (~7,5 g) Baking powder
1 package (~8 g) Vanilla sugar
1 package (~37 g) Instant vanilla pudding mix
500 g Farmer’s cheese (40% fat)
200 g Sour cream
200 g Whipping cream
1x Lemon (untreated)

With all of these ingredients you will have a nice big cheesecake of about 1.800 g.


Really simple to bake but you need to be patient during the cooling phase for a perfect result.

Baking tools

Besides a simple hand mixer and two bowls, a 26 cm springform pan is needed to get the perfect size for the cheesecake.


1. Mix – Crust

Weight Ingredient
75 g White sugar
1x Egg
75 g Butter – Softened
200 g All-purpose flour
1/2 packages (~7,5 g) Baking powder
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients together with a hand mixer
  • Start with the sugar, egg and softened butter until creamy
  • Switch to dough hooks
  • Add the all-purpose flour and baking soda step by step while mixing further
  • Tip: If you take your butter directly out of the fridge, you can cut the butter in smaller chunks into a bowl and melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds to soften it

2. Coat Springform Pan

  • Grease a 26 cm springform with butter on bottom and all sides
  • Flour it lighlty with all-purpose flour
  • Press the previously created dough very tight into the bottom and up the sides of the springform pan
  • The dough should be about 3 cm high on the sides
  • Tip: A measuring cup can come in handy for pressing the dough down

3. Mix – Filling

Weight Ingredient
175 g White sugar
1 package (~8 g) Vanilla sugar
125 g Butter – Softened
3x Eggs
1 package (~37 g) Instant vanilla pudding mix
1x Lemon (untreated)
500 g Farmer’s cheese (40% fat)
200 g Sour cream
200 g Whipping cream
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients together with a hand mixer
  • Again start with the sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs and softened butter until creamy
  • Afterwards add instant vanilla pudding mix and mix further
  • Rinse the lemon under hot water and dry it off, then grate the zest, squeeze out the juice and add all of it to the mixture
  • Add the farmer’s cheese and sour cream and go on with the mixing but on lower speed
  • You want to have a homogenous mass so don’t mix too long
  • In a second bowl mix the whipping cream on high speed until stiff
  • Gently fold in the stiff whipping cream to the previous mixture until fully combined
  • As the last step, pour the whole mixture into the coated springform pan

4. Bake

  • Put a bowl with about 500 g water on the bottom of the oven and a baking grill in the middle
  • Preheat it to 170°C (338°F) for ~20 minutes with the upper and lower heat function
  • Add the cheesecake and bake for 50 minutes
  • After 50 minutes of baking turn the oven off, but don’t open the door and let the cheesecake sit in there for another 10 minutes

5. Cool

  • For a good result you want to cool down the cheesecake very slowly
  • Start the cooling down process by slightly opening the oven door for 60 minutes
  • Afterwards place the cake on the counter for further cooling
  • When it’s cool, put it in the fridge and let it chill for at least 4 hours
  • I know it is hard but to achieve the best result for a classic cheesecake you should let it chill overnight



The soft and tender texture combined with the great taste makes it one of everyone’s favourite cakes. The filling is so creamy and even though it’s a sweet cake, it is not that kind of sweetness that makes you feel unwell after eating it. This is why we like this light sweetness. The lemon zest and juice also add a slightly acidic note that rounds off the taste.

If you like it, you can also add some kind of fruit sauce to ths classic cheesecake. For example we used strawberry sauce as you can see on the pictures. It can be any fruit sauce, they all fit very well and you can play around with the different flavours.

The soft and firm base is a perfect complement to the creamy filling. It simply melts on your tongue.