Easter time is traditionally spent with family, friends and good food. Many of us like to bake something special during this time.

To save you some time that can rather be spent with your loved ones, we created this article with our Easter dessert baking recipes.

You just need to browse through it and click on the one that suits you the most. You will directly be guided through to the recipe – the direct way to your delicious Easter dessert!

Paska Traditional Slovak Easter Bread
This yeasted Slovak Easter bread could be the center of your Easter breakfast. It is slightly sweet and – apart from the fact that it is absolutely beautiful – nicely fluffy and soft. You can top this Paska with some honey or butter – or just eat it as it is and enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea with it. The rich taste absolutely allows to eat it without any topping.
Koulourakia Traditional Greek Easter Cookies
Having some Easter coffee and tea with your loved ones, you will like to make sure you have the perfect snack to go with it. What could be better than some Koulourakia? These traditional easter cookies come with a hint of orange and are less soft as most cookies which makes them perfect for dipping into a pot of tea or cup of coffee.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Easter Eggs
These chocolate eggs are perfect for everyone who really has a sweet tooth. I mean cookie dough covered with chocolate – come on! Who doesn’t love this combination? They are not only extremely delicious but also looking fantastic. Whether you use them as decoration or maybe even as little gifts for your friends. You cannot go wrong with these.
Pane Di Pasqua Italian Easter Bread
This beautiful eyecatcher is something for every Easter table. With its coloured egg in the middle, this Italian Easter bread can be presented in the middle of the table or on each plate individually. It is decoration and food at the same time. Whether you are looking for something to eat with cold cuts and boiled eggs or enjoy it with something sweet like honey or marmalade – this Pane Di Pasqua has it all!