As you know, we are always looking for ways to make use of the leftovers from sourdough starters. It’s far too valuable to be thrown away and therefore we are going to present you a recipe for sourdough waffles.

Step by step we will collect additional recipes for this purpose.

This time, we had some rye and whole wheat flour starter left and thought about how we could use it. Then it crossed our minds: We haven’t had waffles for quite some time! So why not trying out a recipe for waffles including sourdough starter?

So here it is: Our leftover sourdough waffles recipe including rye and whole wheat flour sourdough starter.

Things to know before you start

Time Schedule

Steps Work time Waiting time
Levain ~5 minutes 10 hours
Mix ~15 minutes
Bake ~30 minutes
Serve ~5 minutes

In just about 11 hours you will be able to enjoy these tasty sourdough waffles.

Total ingredients

Weight Ingredient
150 g Sourdough starter – Preferably from whole wheat and rye flour
400 g All-purpose flour
100 g Butter
100 g White sugar
5 g Salt
3 g Baking powder
2x Eggs
200 g Water
200 g Milk – 3,5% Fat
~25 g Canola or sunflower oil

Depending on the size of your waffle iron you will be able to bake about 8 to 12 sourdough waffles.


Super simple recipe to use up your leftover sourdough starter with just four steps.

Baking tools

Obviously you will need a waffle iron in order to be able and bake them, but besides that a hand mixer and a bowl are enough.



Weight Ingredient
150 g Starter – Preferably from whole wheat and rye flour
200 g All-purpose flour
200 g Water – Room temperature
  • Mix your sourdough starter with the ingredients above
  • Store sealed for 10 hours at 20-22°C (68-71,6°F)

2. Mix

Weight Ingredient
100 g White sugar
2x Eggs
100 g Butter
200 g All-purpose flour
5 g Salt
3 g Baking powder
200 g Milk – 3,5% Fat
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients together with a hand mixer
  • Start with the sugar and eggs until creamy
  • Then add the softened butter and mix further
  • Afterwards add all other ingredients until fully combined
  • Tip: If you take your butter directly out of the fridge, you can cut the butter in smaller chunks into a bowl and melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds

3. Bake

Leftover Sourdough Waffles Pouring In Dough Into Waffle Iron

  • Follow the instructions of your waffle iron and bake waffles until all dough is used up
  • If you don’t have the instructions anymore, the following steps should work:
  1. Open the waffle iron
  2. Spread a bit canola or sunflower oil on the irons
  3. Close them and heat up until fully heated
  4. Open the waffle iron again
  5. Use a trowel for pouring the dough on the heated irons
  6. Close them and bake until golden brown
  • Every waffle iron is different so you will have to try out different temperatures and timings to get the best results

4. Serve

  • Put the finished sourdough waffles on a plate, with your favourite toppings and eat while they are still warm



We used rye and whole wheat flour starter, therefore the waffles have their own unique taste and you can clearly tell there is rye flour in it.

This unique taste somehow reminds of Leibniz digestive biscuits. As they are not as sweet as „usual“ waffles, you can also combine them with a bit more hearty things such as spread cheese with a little bit of marmalade.

We would not recommend to use maple syrup as it’s taste is just too strong for these unique sourdough waffles – it would be too much. Better stick to the lighter and more sweet things.