As we are heading towards fall, it is time for some lazy afternoons spent at home with a good cup of coffee and tea. Only coffee or tea sounds a little boring, doesn’t it? So what to enjoy along with your drink? How about these super delicious, little, fluffy homemade cinnamon rolls?

Cinnamon is perfect for fall and winter. Apart from that, these little guys are a perfect dessert.

Whether you are asked to bring a dessert along or you are inviting family and friends over, this recipe will help you create a nice dessert in relatively short time and without spending additional 10 hours in the kitchen.

Just follow our step by step recipe and enjoy them as much as we do!

Things to know before you start

Time Schedule

Steps Work time Waiting time
Mix dough ~15 minutes
Bulk fermentation 2 hours
Create cinnamon filling ~10 minutes
Shape ~25 minutes
Proof 20 minutes
Bake ~5 minutes 20 minutes
Cool ~5 minutes 30 minutes
Glaze ~10 minutes 30 minutes

In under 5 hours you will have your homemade cinnamon rolls on the table and ready to be enjoyed.

Total ingredients

Weight Ingredient
700 g All-purpose flour
125 g Butter
70 g Canola or sunflower oil
70 g White sugar
175 g Brown sugar
125 g Powdered sugar
3 g Salt
20 g Yeast – Fresh
2x Eggs (medium)
7 g Cinnamon powder
115 g Water
200 g Milk – 3,5% fat

All these ingredients will yield you 12 big cinnamon rolls.


Relatively simple recipe that will even teach you how to create your own cinnamon filling.

Baking tools

You will need a stand mixer or hand mixera baking plate 2 bowls.

Besides that you can have a look at our should have baking tools for more helpers in your kitchen.


1. Mix – Dough

Weight Ingredient
200 g Milk – 3,5% fat – 20-22°C (68-71,6°F)
100 g Water – 20-22°C (68-71,6°F)
20 g Yeast – Fresh
70 g White sugar
2x Eggs (medium)
  • Mix the milk, sugar and yeast to dissolve
  • Afterwards add the eggs and mix until fully incorporated
Weight Ingredient
700 g All-purpose flour
3 g Salt
70 g Canola or sunflower oil
  • Switch to dough hooks
  • Mix all of the mentioned ingredients together except the oil with the previous mixture in a stand mixer for 3 minutes on speed level one and 3 minutes on speed level two
  • Add the oil after 3 minutes of mixing and mix further for another 3 minutes on speed level two
  • The dough should be slightly sticky and soft

2. Bulk Fermentation

  • Cover the bowl and let the dough rest for a total of 2 hours at 20-22°C (68-71,6°F)

 3. Create Cinnamon Filling

Weight Ingredient
175 g Brown sugar
125 g Butter (softened)
7 g Cinnamon powder
  • Take a bowl, fill it with brown sugar, softened butter and cinnamon powder
  • Stir until fully combined

4. Shape

  • Lightly grease a baking plate with butter and set aside
  • Follow this short guide on how to shape the cinnamon rolls:
  1. Flour your surface
  2. Roll out dough into a rectangle of about 40 to 50 cm width
  3. Spread the cinnamon filling on the dough leaving a 1-2 cm border all around
  4. Roll the dough up into a long cigar (the tighter, the better)
  5. Seal the dampened end onto the log
  6. Cut into 12 more or less even pieces
  7. Transfer each piece on the baking plate next to each other with the cut side facing the bottom 
  • There should be 3 rows of 4 cinnamon rolls per row

5. Proof

  • Cover the cinnamon rolls with a kitchen towel
  • Let them proof for 20 minutes

6. Bake

  • Preheat oven to 180°C (356°F) for ~20 minutes with circulating heat function
  • Put the cinnamon rolls in the oven in the middle rack and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown
  • After baking take your cinnamon rolls out immediately

7. Cool

  • Let your homemade cinnamon rolls cool for about 30 minutes

8. Glaze

Weight Ingredient
125 g Powdered sugar
  • Fill a small bowl with powdered sugar
  • You will have to decide how thick you want the glaze to be because the less water you add the thicker the glaze will be
  • Therefore add just a bit of it to the powdered sugar and stir until well combined
  • If you want to have the glaze less thick, just add a bit more water and stir again until well combined
  • After you get your preferred thickness (we went for a thicker glaze) take a brush or spoon and spread it all over the cinnamon rolls
  • Wait at least 30 minutes and check if the glaze has hardened enough
  • If not, just give it some more time

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Glazed



These little beauties are extremely fluffy and soft. The balance between the dough and the cinnamon / butter / sugar mixture is just perfect. It is not too sweet but still sweet enough. The icing on top rounds it all up and adds the perfect last layer of sweet- and softness to the rolls.

Even if it is not too much, you can still tell that cinnamon is the leading taste here.